About Mahabodhi


I am a Buddhist teacher, ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order – an order that is neither monastic nor lay. My name means ‘Great Enlightenment,’ which is an aspiration rather than a description.  ‘Maha’ refers to the Mahayana – the ‘Great Way’ of Buddhist altruism, helping living beings attain their full potential. A natural populist, I would love to teach meditation from the pyramid stage at Glastonbury and on mainstream American television.

I am passionate about helping people have the best understanding of Buddhism they can have. And mindfulness too! To this aim I teach meditation and Buddhism on social media. And face-to-face at the Manchester Buddhist Centre in the United Kingdom. My forthcoming book is called Mindfulness; the Undiscovered Foundations and contains a revolutionary theory that brings together the traditional teachings on mindfulness with the Buddha’s central doctrine of Conditionality. You won’t find this material anywhere else!

Last year I hosted more than 140 themed sessions on social media that helped people throughout the lockdown, covering a wide range of topics (bit.ly/YouTubeMBlive.) This year I am adding discussions…

In the UK in the late 1980s there aired a discussion programme on Channel 4 television called ‘After Dark.’ Nobody had experienced anything like it, as the Listener comments: “After Dark made a historic breakthrough by rediscovering the structure of adult conversation: the ingredients are intelligence, candour and courage, and the absence of impeding structures such as television time barriers. Seven people talked live, from midnight to the early hours of the morning, on a subject dear to their hearts” (https://www.openmedia.co.uk/productions/after-dark.)

Thirty years on we are experiencing a world much in need of constructive conversations transcending self interest and building understanding and community. Sebastian Cody – founder of After Dark, recently wrote this article on the future of public debate: https://wias.ac.uk/after-dark-and-the-future-of-public-debate/ In 2021 I am therefore looking to set up debates in the style of After Dark, on a range of topics, and am currently inviting guest conversationalists. My vision consists in bringing the knowledge, experience and humanity of Buddhists into contact with institutional and cultural leaders. If this fits the bill for you and there is a topic you would like to have a conversation about then please get in touch.

I have been a Buddhist since 1988, ordained in 1997 into the Triratna Buddhist Order, am a former youth worker, sometime artist and shrine maker – having completed five murals; one of which was featured in the book ‘Painting the Town’ (1979.)

“Mahabodhi is a wise sage in touch with deep-rooted tradition and universal intuition. He is a meditative leader and healer. I have experienced the power of his group meditations.” – Helene Lerner, CEO, Creative Expansions, Inc., Founder of WomenWorking.com, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and a Fortune 500 workplace consultant.