I practise meditation and Buddhism within the Triratna Buddhist Community, and have done since 1988.


In 1997 I joined the Triratna Buddhist Order, and was given the Buddhist name Mahabodhi, which means ‘Great Enlightenment’, a description I aspire to. After ordination I focused my attention on developing rituals and festivals at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.


Later I developed rituals at the annual Buddhafield Festival in Devon.


In 2003 I began working on a book on the theory and practice of ritual. After two years the topic shifted over to mindfulness, in order to adequately explain meditation.


Currently I am looking to bring out a book covering the Buddhist aspect of mindfulness.


I lead meditation courses and day retreats on mindfulness and meditation, and day retreats on The Art of Ritual, at the Manchester Buddhist Centre and at other Triratna Centres around the UK.


I have led Buddhist study at the Buddhafield Festival in recent years. And in 2014 I founded a business called Mindfulness Origins to share my knowledge of mindfulness beyond the Buddhist context.


I offer individual and group-based Continuing Professional Development courses in mindfulness at venues around the UK. If you are interested in such a course, please get in touch. Thanks.


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